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We are a family of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who are reformed in our understanding of salvation and are saved by Grace through faith so that God may be glorified and honoured in our communities. While our worship is conducted in Hindi, our spiritual family is made of individuals from diverse backgrounds, age groups, various Indian states, and different languages.

Despite these differences, we are one family! Our church is independent of any denomination or external organization. The needs of our congregation are fulfilled by the providence of the Lord, made possible through the voluntary, anonymous, and joyful contributions of individual members.

Our mission is to preach the gospel for the salvation of souls, disciple the new believers through teaching all that the Lord Jesus taught and building more communities of believers for the glory of God.

Singapore Hindi Christian Fellowship Church

We aim to teach and emphasize three focus areas as part of our mission:

Know (जानो):

We strive to teach and share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as it is revealed in the Holy Scriptures so that we can know God in a real and personal way. Knowing and understanding the true gospel (the good news) is critically important because it is the means of salvation, and the foundation for our beliefs and actions.

It plays a pivotal role in shaping the spiritual journey of individuals and the mission of the Church. Amidst the prevalence of various false gospels, our aim is to faithfully present the true gospel so that those who come to Christ can experience genuine transformation.

Live (जियो):

Living the gospel concerns our growth to be like the Lord Jesus Christ. A believer who is genuinely saved by the gospel is known by living out the gospel in private and in public.

Gospel living is not sinless perfection but a sincere progression to be like Christ in bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit through the transforming power of God’s word and His indwelling Spirit. Christianity is not just about ‘getting a ticket to heaven’; a genuine follower of Jesus will constantly grow in his relationship with Jesus by evidencing a life of love for others and obedience towards God.

Go (जाओ):

Going for the gospel concerns our service to God by faithfully sharing the gospel with others and fulfilling the great commission. Christians are called to be ambassadors for Christ and to make disciples of all nations.

The genuine disciples of Christ seek to serve God and bear fruit for His glory, not as an attempt to repay His grace and mercy, but because they have experienced a profound transformation from within and are eager to participate in His significant work on Earth.

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